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Our Home Buying Process:

At 5 Star Home Construction we believe that the process of buying a new construction home should be a seamless and enjoyable experience. To keep the building process consistent, we have developed a 9-step process that is explained below. We always want to make sure that you as a buyer are informed throughout the process and satisfied with your new home! Here is a brief outline of each step of our process:


Initial Showing

You are interested in our homes and set up a showing with our team by a phone call, text, or email. We will bring all the information needed to make sure you are informed about the homes we have going up.


Execution of Builder’s Contract

You have fallen in love with the house, and we draft up a Contract to Buy Sell. The contract is executed by all parties and the process starts! Here you are given a copy of the Contract, Soils Report, Plans, Property Specifications, and Builder Warranty.


Meeting with the Designer

Depending on the stage of construction at the time of Step Two, the team will schedule a time for you to meet with the designer either virtually or in person. At this meeting you’ll discuss the options for the house and what changes you’d like to make to the finishes of the house. The designer will give you pallet options for the house and you will decide which one you want to make the house your home!


Execution of Change Orders with Payment

Once the changes are decided on, you’ll execute a Change Order Form. The Change Order Form will tell you the changes that are being made, how much those changes will be, and how many days those changes add to the build process. Payment for change orders are due upon execution and is non-refundable. Once we’ve received payment, the process continues with the changes you’ve requested!


Construction Updates

Our Customer Relationship Specialist, Meagan DeNio, will send you weekly construction updates once the house is framed and utilities are roughed in. It is important to note that this is when weekly communication will start. Prior to this step communication from our team will be as needed. You’ll always be in the loop! We will be doing things on our end to make sure the process continues!


Construction Meetings

We are always happy to meet with you at the site as long as it is scheduled prior to the visit. You must have someone from our team accompany you to visit the site for liability reasons. We will be flexible and try to make these visits work with your schedule.


Demonstration Meeting

Approximately one week prior to closing we will have a Demonstration Meeting. Here is where the Builder will walk through the house with you to show you how everything works. This is also where you will mark any dificities with blue tape (i.g. A paint chip, floor scratch, etc.). Our Customer Relationship Specialist will schedule this with you once the time gets closer.


Verification Meeting

The Verification Meeting is one hour prior to closing! This is where you will verify that all the items you marked with blue tape are corrected. It is important to note that sometimes not all the blue tape items can be corrected prior to closing because of scheduling of trades.



Certificate of Occupancy has been issued and construction is complete! You are ready to make your new house a home!! This step does not stop our time with you. We are always here and happy to help if any questions or concerns arise after closing.

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